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Happier, Healthier

Empower your team to make positive lifestyle changes and become the best version of themselves.

Support for all…

Not just the ‘medical aid club’

Gone are the days where your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is only available to your employees who opted for medical aid.

Journey Wellness is a mobile application that uses interactive health surveys and smart reminders to improve your team’s mental & physical well-being.

Its Ai-driven wellness coach will help your employees become the best version of themselves and in the process, it…

  • Improves team morale.
  • Improves team engagement and productivity.
  • Provides access to professional support.
  • Gives you, the administrator, insight into team dynamics.
  • Offers real value to your talented team.

Reward real results

Build an inclusive team culture based on wellness

Build an incentive program based on real-world wellness and productivity goals. Get closer to your team than ever before and see the positive change in morale and overall output.

Since Journey Wellness lets you survey your team anonymously, you will…

  • Know when employees are unhappy.
  • Get real feedback about HR challenges.
  • Better understand team social dynamics.
  • Know the impact of wellbeing on productivity
  • Better serve your team and create a culture of personal growth

EAP Providers

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Services Offered

Trauma Debriefing & Counselling

Parenting Support


Legal Coaching

Human Factor Risk Assessment

Teacher & Learner Assist

Professional Support



Trauma Counsellors

Social Workers


Legal Advisors

24 Hour Call To Action

24-Hour Emergency Call Centre

24-Hour Emergency Whatsapp

Online Counselling Interventions

Face to Face Counselling

Individual Counselling

Group Counselling

Operational Support

Professional Case Managers

National Network of Accredited Professionals

Daily and Weekly Reporting

Interactive Dashboards and Insights

Digital Tools & Additional Benefits

Smart Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Holistic Wellness (Mental & Physical)

Rewards Program

Mobile Application or Intelligent Panic

Your Wellness Companion

Track Your Health

Complete the lifestyle assessments and learn about your wellness status.

Get Advice

Be guided by personalized notifications to make small changes to your day-to-day lifestyle habits.

Manage Risk

Learn about the potential risks associated with your health condition.

Feel energized

Experience the motivation of your ever-present digital wellness companion.

Be challenged

Journey’s gamified interface was specially designed to motivate you to get results.

Get Rewarded

Earn rewards for making positive lifestyle changes and becoming a healthier you.

See it in Action!

The Journey Wellness platform was developed to provide wellness and lifestyle advice to everyman. With an Artificial Intelligence (Ai) engine at its core, the platform learns and improves over time to continue providing real-world value to employers, funders, and users alike.

To view a demo of the Journey Wellness platform, please fill in the form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.