Manage Risk, Deliver Value and

Turn Your Members Into Raving Fans

Journey Wellness is a digital wellness platform that serves your customers 24-7-365. Improve the well-being of your members by showing them the path to better health.

Take a proactive approach

Manage risk while delivering value where it matters most.

What if your health insurance organisation could help its members live healthier, happier lives. What if you could offer real support to improve their lifestyle habits and use the resulting data to better manage risk while delivering real value.

The Journey Wellness platform serves as a digital wellness coach that helps your members improve their wellness profile one habit at a time.

It allows your organisation to manage risk based on real-world lifestyle data while giving you the ability to offer incentives that create win-win relationships.

  • Improve risk management & financial sustainability.
  • Offer personalized care based on actual lifestyle data.
  • Reward positive lifestyle behaviour to ensure a continuous learning loop.
  • Prevent disease through proactive intervention.
  • Deliver value & retain existing members.

Get close to your customer

And know what they need before they realize it themselves

Journey Wellness puts your organisation in the hands of your customers on a daily basis.
The AI-enabled digital wellness coach will help your customers improve their lifestyle habits by sending them smart reminders and rewarding them for progress made over time.

This creates unparalleled opportunities for incentivising real improvements in your customers’ health and associated risk profiles and offering products that are customized to their needs.

Get insightful lifestyle data related to your customer base through the Administrator Dashboard. It not only serves as your data store but allows you to communicate with your customers through push notifications, allowing you to notify your members of upcoming promotions to send them customer satisfaction surveys.

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Services Offered

Trauma Debriefing & Counselling

Parenting Support


Legal Coaching

Human Factor Risk Assessment

Teacher & Learner Assist

Professional Support



Trauma Counsellors

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Daily and Weekly Reporting

Interactive Dashboards and Insights

Digital Tools & Additional Benefits

Smart Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Holistic Wellness (Mental & Physical)

Rewards Program

Mobile Application or Intelligent Panic

Your Wellness Companion

Track Your Health

Complete the lifestyle assessments and learn about your wellness status.

Get Advice

Let Journey’s notifications guide you to make small changes to your day-to-day lifestyle habits.

Manage Risk

Learn about the potential risks associated with your health condition.

Feel energized

Experience the motivation of your ever-present digital wellness companion.

Be challenged

Journey’s gamified interface was specially designed to motivate you to get results.

Get Rewarded

Earn rewards for making positive lifestyle changes and becoming a healthier you.

See it in Action!

The Journey Wellness platform was developed to provide wellness and lifestyle advice to the everyman. With an Artificial Intelligence (Ai) engine at it’s core, the platform learns and improves over time to continue providing real-world value to employers, funders and users alike.

To view a demo of the Journey Wellness platform, please fill in the form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.